SAE AS4111/4112 Protocol Validation Software

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AltaRTVal Software for MIL-STD-1553 Prototcol Validation Testing.

AltaRTVal is the leading AS4111 & AS4112 MIL-STD-1553 Protocol Testing Tool in the Industry. AltaRTVal Saves the design engineer, system integrator or manufacturing test engineer man weeks in 1553 validation time.

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Key AltaRTVal Features Include:

Protocol tests (5.2) for the AS4111 RT Validation Test Plan
Protocol tests (5.2) for the AS4112 RT Production Test Plan
Easy Setup and Run – The Latest Windows .Net Technology
Simplify Design and Acceptance Verification
Full Test Report for Your QA or Customer
Select 1553 Protocol Tests Individually
Embedded 1553 and RT Validation Documentation – Easy Quick Reference
Works with Alta Two Channel, Full Function Cards – Variable Voltage Optional on PCI & Natice PCI Express 4 x Lane Only. Fixed Voltage for Other Cards