CWDM/DWDM Multiplexers and De-multiplexers

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The ViaLiteHD CWDM/DWDM multiplexers and de-multiplexers are available in 8 to 64-way variants and boast low insertion loss. They can be used as part of a Ka-Band diversity system, long distance system (up to 600 km) or as a stand-alone product.

ViaLite Multiplexers are based on thin film filtering and metal sealing technology. This gives a flat channel bandwidth response, flexible channel configuration and low insertion loss with high isolation. The system also has a flexible channel configuration and modularised design, making it convenient for system upgrades and expansions.

  • 8 & 16 way CWDM Mux/De-Mux
  • 8, 16, 32, 64 way DWDM Mux/De-Mux
  • Channels can be customer specific
  • Compatible with any RF frequency
  • 1U/2U rack chassis
  • Standard 5-year warranty