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October 2012

In this month’s edition of our newsletter, we’ve got new products from Alta Data Technologies, Apogee Labs and Pentek. Alta DT has recently released their XMC-A429 and the eNet-A429 devices. Apogee Labs has introduced their AL2202 matrix switch and Pentek has released their 71671 converter module.

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XMC-A429 – High Density ARINC Interface for XMC Systems and eNet-A429™ – Remote ARINC Operations for Ethernet Networks

Alta Data Technologies’ XMC-A429 interface modules offer a variety of ARINC-419/429/575/573/717 channel configurations with software selectable Rx/Tx channels, baud rates, bit encoding and word configurations (Start/Sync/Stop length, Parity, bits/word, MSB/LSB). Encode or decode almost any ARINC-429 physical layer signal.

The card design is based on the industry’s most advanced 32-bit ARINC FPGA protocol engine, AltaCore™, and a feature-rich application programming interface, AltaAPI™, which is a multi-layer ANSI C and Windows .NET (MSVS 2005/08/10 C++, C#, VB .NET, LabVIEW, RTOS) architecture. This hardware and software package provides increased system performance and flexibility while reducing integration time.

The eNet-A429™ is an innovative product that provides “remoting” of ARINC operations on 10/100/1000 Ethernet IP/UDP local area networks (LAN). eNet-429 is a small, low-power, rugged device that provides connectivity for 1-8 ARINC 429/575/573/717 Channels – Ideal for remoting ARINC connections for in-field applications or point-point lab usage.

Alta has combined the industry’s most advanced 32-bit ARINC FPGA protocol engine, AltaCore™, with a real-time IP/UDP thin server. The customer can implement their application with the same feature-rich application programming interface, AltaAPI™, as used with standard cards – often without even recompiling – the utlimate in code portability.

For more information on the XMC-A429 click here.
For more information on the eNet-A429™ click here.

AL2202 – 64 Channel 100 Mhz Analog Matrix Switch

The AL2202 100Mhz is an analog matrix switch for routing and distributing between telemetry and communications equipment such as receivers, demodulators, bit syncs, and recorders.  It is an ideal and cost effective alternative to a patch panel.

The AL2202 is a fully non-blocking matrix switch  capable of accommodating matrices such as 8×8, 16×16, 24×24, and 32×32 for analog signals up to 100Mhz.  The AL2202 has an integrated control interface and display as well as an optional GUI for control via Ethernet.


  • Full fan-out non-blocking switch
  • 100Mhz analog bandwidth
  • Programmable input/output impedance
  • BNC or SMA I/O connectors
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Easy to use GUI for control through front panel or remotely via Ethernet (optional)

Cobalt™ Model 71671 – D/A Converter Module for RF and IF Waveform Playback

Model 71671 is a member of the Cobalt family of high performance XMC modules based on the Xilinx Virtex-6 FPGA. This 4-channel, high-speed data converter is suitable for connection to transmit HF or IF ports of a communications or radar system. Its built-in data playback features offer an ideal turnkey solution for demanding transmit applications.

It includes four D/As with a wide range of programmable interpolation factors, four digital upconverters and four banks of memory. In addition to supporting PCI Express Gen. 2 as a native interface, the Model 71671 includes optional general purpose and gigabit serial connectors for application-specific I/O.

  • Complete radar and software radio interface solution
  • Supports Xilinx Virtex-6 LXT and SXT FPGAs
  • Four 1.25 GHz 16-bit D/As
  • Four digital upconverters
  • Extended interpolation range from 2x to 1,048,576x
  • Programmable output levels
  • 250 MHz max. output bandwidth
  • 2 GB of DDR3 SDRAM
  • Sample clock synchronization to an external system reference
  • Dual uSync clock/sync bus for multimodule synchronization
  • PCI Express (Gen. 1 & 2) interface, up to x8
  • Optional user-configurable gigabit serial interface
  • Optional LVDS connections to the Virtex-6 FPGA for custom I/O

Available in the following form factors.  Click here for more information: 

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