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Trident Infosol

Trident InfosolĀ is a leading solutions provider for embedded COTS hardware, signal processing systems, telemetry systems and engineering software catering to the real-time applications and an international supplier of rugged systems for the avionics, aerospace, military, navy and heavy industrial markets. This includes supplying parts to build systems such as backplanes, power supplies, storage modules, Ethernet switches, development platforms and rugged standard (ATR) and custom based enclosures.

We have a series of fully-loaded Rugged – SFF (Small Form-Factor) COTS Embedded computers based on 3U VPX called Osprey, hybrid SFF computer called Falcon, VNX (VITA-74) based computer called Raptor and ultra-small form factor computer called Lanius. We adhere to all the relevant military grade form-factors such as VPX, VME, cPCI, VXS, COMe as well as the latest SFF standard VITA-74 also termed as VNX.

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