Watchdog Board, 7 Watchdogs/Timer

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Maximize the reliability of your telecom, ISP, Voice Mail, File Server or industrial systems under Windows operating systems with the APCIe-040 PCI Express watchdog board. The board is equipped with 7 watchdogs for simultaneous software and hardware monitoring. External devices can thus be monitored (e. g. alarm systems, PLCs) and controlled (e. g. modems, dialing devices).

In addition, the PCI Express watchdog board APCIe-040 has a two-level alarm system and can initiate a hardware reset in case of emergency. The principle is based on the computer software having to send signals to the board at regular intervals.

If the board does not receive an expected signal within a certain period of time, the first alarm level is activated. The emergency program is started which determines the cause and tries to remove the error. If this fails, the operating system and, if necessary, external devices are prepared for the hardware reset. The second alarm level is automatically triggered after a defined timeout. The internal PC temperature can be monitored through the on-board temperature sensor.