Universal Time and Frequency System

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The Universal Time and Frequency System (UTFS) from Microsemi is designed to achieve precise time and frequency signal distribution and synchronization via optical fiber to local areas as well as to widely dispersed locations. At the front end of the UTFS is the Universal Time Code Generator (UTCG), a state-of-the-art multiplexer that receives multiple inputs, including a frequency reference (required), 1PPS Sync signal (optional), and IRIG-Btime code (optional). In turn, the UTCG simultaneously outputs all timing, RF, and time code on a single fiber to one or more Time Code Translators (TCTs) at remote locations.

• Transmits a Digital Signal Containing Both Time and Frequency Information
• Auto-detects the 5-,10-, or 100- MHz Input Reference
• Simple User Interface Enables Easy Configuration and Monitoring
• Redundant Power Supplies Can Be Hotswapped to Maintain Continuous Operation
• Holdover Capability in Case of Loss of Input Reference
• A Single UTCG Supports at Least 400 Remote Users