TuffServ TS 485 Rugged Ground System

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When you need a system to be rugged enough to deploy all over the world, and operate from, the AMPEX TuffServ® TS 485 fits the bill. Using the same circuit board set as used the back of a support vehicle by the TS 480 and TS 482 systems, this rack mounted unit delivers behavior identical to its conduction-cooled siblings, but with the convenience of convection cooling and standard power supplies. In addition to the standard Removable Storage Array, options exist providing removable disks for convenient offload of data from the solid-state media to low-cost magnetic media.


  • Rack mounted, convection cooled server
  • 3U Short: 7″H x 19″W x 15.25″D
  • Common electronics with airborne units
  • Lab environment connectors & power
  • Variants with removable disks
  • Rugged enough to deploy all over the world