TuffServ 640 Ten Gigabit Recorder / Server

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Designed with a scalable architecture, the recorder / reproducer supports a range of applications, from vehicle and weapons testing to intelligence gathering.

Uncompromising performance, unmatched expandability: the TuffServ 640 delivers well over 1000 Megabytes per second of write throughput for hours, with read performance that saturates a 10 gigabit Ethernet link. That’s the performance delivered over NFS, after all the network and protocol overhead is accommodated.

Writing data at over 1000MB/s requires huge amounts of storage: nearly 4 terabytes per hour, every hour. The TS 640 has a high capacity Removable Storage Array (RSA-2) that comfortably supports up to 32TB of storage now, with an option for 80TB. Each RSA-2 contains two storage controllers and up to 16 solid-state devices; 256 bit AES encryption is available on request.


  • More than 1000MB/s read or write throughput
  • Storage of 4 to 32TB and up
  • Dual 10GigE Optical Interfaces
  • Multiple Expansion sites for additional I/O
  • Standards Based: VPX, XMC and commodity SSDs
  • Maximum Capacity in excess of 80TB
  • Internal Architecture provides 8GB/s bandwidth throughout
  • Built for Rugged, MIL-STD-810 environments with MIL-STD power and MIL-STD connectors