TuffServ 640 Ten Gigabit Recorder / Server (640)

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Designed with a scalable architecture, the recorder / reproducer supports a range of applications, from vehicle and weapons testing to intelligence gathering.   With uncompromising performance, unmatched expandability, the TuffServ 640 delivers well over 1000 Megabytes per second of write throughput for hours, with read performance that saturates a 10 gigabit Ethernet link. That performance is delivered over NFS, after all the network and protocol overhead is accommodated.


  • More than 1000MB/s read or write throughput
  • Storage of 4 to 32TB and up
  • Dual 10GigE Optical Interfaces
  • Multiple Expansion sites for additional I/O
  • Standards Based: VPX, XMC and commodity SSDs
  • Maximum Capacity in excess of 80TB
  • Internal Architecture provides 8GB/s bandwidth throughout
  • Built for Rugged, MIL-STD-810 environments with MIL-STD power and MIL-STD connectors