TuffServ 480v2 Gigabit Ethernet Airborne Network Server

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The TuffServ® 480v2 is a P3I update to the Model TS 480. It offers hardware and software compatibility to the TS 480 with increased performance to 500MB/second (800MB/s Peak), increased storage, and modern processor choices for the user. It functions as a ruggedized computer, a file server, or, with suitable application software, as a recorder. It can also be configured as a network-attached blockstorage device using the iSCSI protocol. The unit supports the AMPEX BLUE line of Cyber Security and Machine Learning software for Airborne and rugged applications.

The airborne server provides a large removable storage capacity which support the original TS 480 RSA and a new RSA with increased performance and storage to 16TB.


  • Ruggedized NAS Computer / Server / Recorder; fully compatible with the TS 480
  • Hot-Swappable Removable Solid State Storage Array; supports legacy RSAs and new RSA
  • Multiple Interfaces Gigabit Ethernet; Optical 10 Gigabit Ethernet, sFPDP, and custom
  • NFS, CIFS/SMB Network File Systems
  • AMPEX Common Compute Environment on a Certified Operating Systems Protection Profile platform
  • GUI and Web Interface for Administration and Environmental Monitoring
  • Conduction-cooled Flight-proven Pack
  • Compact: 5.25″H x 7.25″W x 10″D