Time Code/PCM Simulator Mezzanine

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The Model 470M is a mezzanine card that converts amplitude modulated IRIG time code signals to a digital representation for downstream analysis. Combines time code translation, generation and format simulation on a single plug-on mezzanine module. The card also generates an amplitude modulated serial IRIG A, B, or G output for use by external equipment, and a slow code output for annotating strip charts. The Model 470P mezzanine can be attached to either the 1602P or model 502V* VME card. All Acroamatics documentation is supplied on CD-ROM.

* Acroamatics Model 502V is a legacy product.

• Plug-on option for Acroamatics Model 1602P
• Provides both Time Code and Format Simulator functions
• Generates and Translates IRIG A, B, and G time codes
• Simultaneous time code generation and translation
• Generates all IRIG standard and randomized PCM codes
• Generates complex formats with dynamic data and subframes
• Asynchronous frame insertion and format switching