Simultaneous Acquisition Of 5 Inductive Transducers, LVDT, Half-Bridge

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The PCI length measurement board APCI-3702 is designed for the simultaneous acquisition of 5 half-bridge or LVDT transducers. It operates with a 16-bit resolution.

It is suited for dynamic measurement, e.g. for measuring moving parts or applications with time-critical measurement cycles – especially in test equipment with several sensors.

The calibration tool SET3701 includes a data base with pre-calibrated transducers. It guides you through each step of the installation beginning with the selection of a transducer up to testing the channels.

• PCI interface to the 32-bit data bus, 3.3 V or 5 V
• Acquisition of 5 inductive transducers (half-bridge, LVDT)
• 16-bit resolution
• Sampling rate depending on the transducer: 2-20 kHz
• Example for TESA transducers GT21: 13.951 kHz per channel, 0.072 ms for one sequence of up to 5 channels
• Measuring frequency through software programmable: 2-20 kHz
• Conversion triggered through software, digital input or timer
• End of conversion through software and/or interrupt
• PCI-DMA access
• On-board FIFO
• Sequence RAM
• 16 digital inputs and outputs, optically isolated, 24 V
• Connection of the transducer through external box PX3701-8. The box type depends on the transducers used.