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The Model 405 SGLS Modem comprises a configured set of modulation and demodulation functions housed in a 5.25-inch rack-mounted Modular Subcarrier Subsystem chassis.

The Modulator section of the unit consists of the SUM005 Signal Summer and the PMM004 Phase Modulator. Optional PSK subcarrier modulation (B/Q/U/A PSK) and FSK003 AM/FSK (SGLS) Modulator functions are also available.

• LINEAR PHASE MODULATON- 70 OR 75 MHz (Specify) and 10 MHz EXT REF
• MODULATION-SGLS 1,2 kbps-Other Data Rates Available and FSK Tones : (95 kHz, 76 kHz, 65 kHz)
• PSK (Optional)-BPSK, QPSK, UQPSK
• DEMODULATION (Optional)-SGLS AM/FSK, PM, BPSK, PM/PSK, U/A/QPSK and AM/FSK- SGLS 1,2 kbps and Other Data Rates Available
• REMOTE CONTROL AND MONITORING -RS-232 (Standard), IEEE-488 (Option) and Ethernet (Option)