Real-time PCIe Programmable Data Stream Processor (PDSP)

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Acroamatics’ Model 1635AP is a powerful low latency DSP based multi-stream telemetry Programmable Data Stream Processor (PDSP). With 3rd generation card embedded PDSP technology, the 1635AP serves as the hub of Acroamatics’ industry leading real-time range Telemetry Data Processing (TDP) product line. The 1635AP supports EU, complex nested derived, and up to 7th level polynomial data processing at nearly three times the rate of its predecessor. With no reliance on Windows OS application based processing, the Model
1635AP boasts a dedicated high-speed 64-bit bus connection for the deterministic transfer of data from up to 8 Acroamatics companion Dual Stream PCM Decom modules.

In addition, the Model 1635AP offers programmable output data product formatting in support of IRIG compliant real-time raw and processed PCM recording and networked client data services. The 1635AP natively supports industry standard third party display and analysis applications such as IADS and DEWESoft. TMATS import/export and operator direct setup is supported, as are EXCEL spreadsheet and ACCESS based set-up and programming services. The Model 1635AP also supports direct low latency DAC and Discrete output and analog data input via optional companion 32 channel 482M mezzanine card or fiber interfaced remote Model 2425 DAC Mux (to 1024 channels).


  • Model 2900 and Portable TDP Low Latency System EU Data Processor
  • Deterministic Windows OS Application Independent Multi-Stream Data Services
  • Companion EU processor to Model 1632AP Multi-Function Decom Modules
  • Up to 16 Stream Merged Recording, Derived Algorithm, EU, Output Data Formatter & Distribution
  • If / Then / Else Derived, and to 7th Order Polynomial Processing at Rates to 6MS/sec
  • NEW Dual 1635AP
  • Optional Real-Time DAC/ADC
  • Library of 400 Onboard Algorithms
  • High Performance Program Driven Motorola SHARC® DSP Processor
  • Real-time Output Data ‘Strip-n-Ship’ Output Serializer
  • Multi-Stream Raw PCM Record