Real-time Multi stream PCM Decom Data Distribution and Programmable Data Stream Processor

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The new 1615AP multi-stream Programmable Data Stream Processors (PDSP) cards each support deterministic data-driven merging and card embedded EU processing of PCM streams from up to 8 Model 1612AP system PCM decom/processing modules, IRIG time, Fibre interfaced HOTLink input, and PCI user defined and 3rd party device input data. The new Model 1615AP supports higher system processing rates (to 4MS/sec) allowing card embedded low latency processing and distribution of multiple simultaneous output data products, providing ample resources with which to drive both raw and processed data recording, networked data distributions, reconstruction and output of a any input or user defined (select merged raw input stream fed data) frame encoded PCM stream, and delivery of low latency (micro-second typ) processed data to drive a variety of user defined and third party display and processing application requirements.

• Low Latency merged EU processing of up to 8 PCM streams
• Simultaneous Formatting and Output of multiple EU data product types, including D-to-A (to 2048 channels), Raw & Processed Data Recording, and Data Driven TM Networked Data Services
• Onboard and Fibre coupled D-to-A Output options
• Companion to up to eight (8) Model 1612P and legacy 1602P real-time PCM decom processors
• Low-latency direct bus feddecom and time data
• Six (6) configurable CVT’s provided to drive display, select data product, and other user definable data output processes