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The Model 700 Ranging Processors an integrated state-of-the-art, high performance, multiple format unit. Both forward link range code generation and return link range processing functions are accommodated. The MD700 is unique in eight major ways: 1) It processes major ranging formats: SGLS, CCSDS, USB, ESA and Commercial. 2) It is programmable to select SGLS and CCSDS code rates and USB / ESA Major Tone frequencies. 3) It is programmable for SGLS, USB and ESA code lengths. 4) Doppler and Range estimates are included in the process. 5) Adjustable acquisition and tracking bandwidths enhance operation in low signal-to-noise applications. 6) A tunable, high dynamic range, high selectivity front end is incorporated to minimize adjacent signal interference and ranging signal distortion. 7) An all-digital design improves accuracy, stability and resolution. 8) Reconfigurable logic allows for modifications to accommodate unique customer needs.

• Selectable Format: SGLS, CCSDS,USB, ESA or Commercial
• SGLS:-Selectable Code Length: Long (818,000 km), Medium (91,000 km) and Short (11,000 km) and Tunable Code Rate: 100 kbps to 1 Mbps
• USB:-Selectable Major Tones: High (500 kHz), Medium (100 kHz) and Narrow (20 kHz) and Selectable Ambiguity Resolution Code: Long (958,000 km), Medium (119,000 km) and Short (15,000 km)
• Enhanced Acquisition through Doppler and Range Acquisition Aids
• Adjustable Acquisition and Tracking Bandwidths for Performance Optimization
• High Selectivity, Tunable Anti-Aliasing Filter Minimizes Interference and Distortion
• SGLS Code Correlation Value Provides Real Time Measure of Transponder Quality
• Flexible, Reconfigurable – Logic Design Allows Modification for Unique Requirements
• Doppler Measurement (option
• Time Tag Measurements