Portable Universal Input Data Logger


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The SQ2040-2F16 Portable Universal Input Data Logger has up to 100 readings per second on 2 channels; Two 24-bit A to D converters.

The Grant Squirrel 2040 series provide high performance universal data loggers packed with the same powerful features as the Squirrel 2020 series with additional high speed logging on up to four channels and twice as many universal input channels. This provides great flexibility to handle a wide range of complex and demanding multi-channel applications such as high-speed vehicle testing or engine monitoring.


  • Fully configurable via the integrated keypad
  • 128*97 dot graphical LCD display
  • Compatible with B, C, D type thermocouples
  • Up to 32 universal inputs
  • High precision (0.05%)
  • Advanced data management, to MMC/SD or PC
  • Flexible communications (USB, Ethernet, RS232)
  • Various Remote connection options e.g. via Ethernet or dial up modem