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The GDP Space Systems Model 236 PCM/PAM Simulator addresses the need to perform cost effective PCM or PAM clock and data simulations. The unit facilitates widespread use of PCM by combining the most desired application features users into one unit. The Model 236 is ideal for PCM users who do not have the time or the inclination to become simulator programmers. The Model 236 allows users to directly describe a telemetry format in response to plain language prompts using the front panel keyboard and high-contrast vacuum fluorescent display.

The format consists of a frame filled with a background pattern over which unique data words may be superimposed. A subframe may also be added to the format and unique words placed anywhere within the frame/subframe matrix. The unique words may also be distributed throughout the frame and/or subframes in a super commutated manner. The Model 236 generates PCM data at rates up to 40 Mbps. Output data rate is determined by an external clock source, or by an internal frequency synthesizer. The internal synthesizer may be programmed for the desired data rate by direct entry from the front panel or via the Remote Control interface. The Remote Control interface can be used for all format, data rate and code selections.

• 1 Bps to 40 Mbps operation with 1 Hz resolution
• Internal Frequency Synthesizer
• Frame and Subframe capacity
• Bipolar output option
• Virtual Instrument Software for remote control
• All IRIG PCM Codes and RNRZ-L
• Selectable RNRZ-L patterns, forward and reverse (2ᴺ-1; N=7, 9, 11, 15,17, 20, 23)
• Convolutional Encoder (R=1/2, K=7)
• Local and Remote Control
• Non-Volatile Format Storage
• 8192 unique frame data words
• 8192 unique subframe datawords
• Dynamic data changes during simulation
• TTL,RS-422 and RS-232 outputs