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The GDP Model BSM601 PCM Bit Synchronizer is a state-of-the-art high-performance device that is designed to extract usable digital data from a noise contaminated signal environment. The optimized digital design of this unit affords the highest performance characteristics currently available.

The BSM601 is capable of maintaining synchronization with the signal of interest to Eb/No of -2dB when the signal transition density is 50%. When searching for the signal, acquisition is attainable within 128 bits. The unit maintains synchronization for a period of at least 128 bit periods without a signal transition.

• Bit Rates- 40 bps to 20 Mbps
• Performance within 1 dB of theory
• Four Loop bandwidth settings
• Traking up to 15%
• Accepts NRZ-L/M/S, RNRZ,
• BiØ-L/M/S, DM-M/S; MDM*
• 4 Input Sources
• Status Indicators for Sync and Input Signal Present
• Randomizer / Derandomizer lengths 2ᴺ -1:- N = 9, 11, 15, 17, 20, 23
• Viterbi Decoder
• Frame Pattern Detector
• Fully Controlled from the VME Bus
• 6 U cPCI Form-factor