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The GDP Model 2265EC Multi-Channel PCM Bit Synchronizer / Encapsulator houses up to 4 high performance bit synchronizer channels in a 2U chassis. The optimized digital design of this unit affords the highest performance characteristics currently available. This unit can be used as a stand-alone bit synchronizer and as a data Encapsulator for the GDP Diversity Combiner / Best Source Selector products.

The Model 2265EC is capable of maintaining synchronization with the signal of interest down to –3 dB Eb/No at signal levels down to 100mVpp. When searching for the signal, acquisition is attainable in less than 50 bits. The unit is very robust and can maintain synchronization for a period of at least 256 bit periods without a transition.

• Up to 4-Channels per 2U Box
• Bit Rates – 5 bps to 20 Mbps and 5 bps to 40 Mbps (Opt)
• ENCAPSULATOR for a GDP Best Source Selector
• Performance within 1 dB of theory
• Loop Bandwidth Settings from 0.01% to 1.6% and Extended LBW Range (Opt)
• Accepts NRZ-L/M/S, BiØ-L/M/S, DM-M/S; MDM-M/S
• Randomizer/Derandomizer
• Scrambler/Descrambler CCITT V.35/36
• Viterbi Decoder
• Frame Pattern Detector
• Input Signal Status-Sync and Loss, Measured Bit Rate, Measured Signal Level and Input Data Polarity
• Signal/Data Quality Status-Eb/No Measurement, Frame Sync Pattern Error Rate (BER Status),Viterbi Error Rate and BERT/ PRN BER Measurement
• Date Generator/Simulator-Serial and QPSK(Opt)
• Advanced Lock Detection
• Auto Bit-Rate Scan (Opt)-
• QPSK Resequencer (Opt)
• Remote Control via-RS-232 (Std) and IEEE-488, E-net (Opt)
• 3.5 -inch High Rack-Mount Chassis