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Microsemi’s bc635PCI-V2 timing module provides unparalleled precise time and frequency to the host computer and peripheral data acquisition systems. Time is typically acquired from time code signals such as IRIG B.

Central to the operation of the module is a disciplined 10 MHz oscillator that is either an on-board TCXO (or optional OCXO) or an offboard External oscillator that can provide the timing module’s 100-nanosecond clock. Current time (days to 100 nanoseconds) can be accessed across the PCI bus with no PCI bus wait states, which allows for very high speed time requests. The selected on-board or off-board 10 MHz oscillator drives the module’s frequency and time code generator circuitry. If the input reference is lost, the module will continue to maintain time (flywheel) based on the selected 10 MHz oscillator’s drift rate. The optional OCXO oscillator improves flywheel drift performance over the standard TCXO. If power is lost, a battery backed real time clock (RTC) is available to maintain time.

•IRIG A, B, G, E, IEEE 1344, NASA 36, XR3 & 2137 Time Code Inputs and Outputs
•Simultaneous AM or DCLS Time Code Inputs
•Simultaneous AM and DCLS Time Code Outputs
•100-nanosecond clock resolution for time requests
•Programmable <<1 PPS to 100 MPPS DDS Rate Synthesizer Output/Interrupt
•1, 5, or 10 MHz Rate Generator Output
•1 PPS or 10 MHz Inputs
•External Event Time Capture/Interrupt
•Programmable Time Compare Output/Interrupt
•Zero Latency Time Reads
•Battery Backed Real Time Clock (RTC)
•PCI Local Bus Operation
•Universal Signaling (3.3V or 5.0V Bus)
•CE(RoHS) Compliant
•Linux, Solaris & Windows Software Drivers/SDKs available
•Optional OCXO Upgrade