Noise And Vibration Multi-Function Board, 8 Analog Inputs, 24-Bit

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Acoustic processes in test applications are not limited to simple noise and vibration measurements. The multi-function PCI board APCI-3600 by ADDI‑DATA offers a PC-based solution to almost all additional measuring tasks which may arise thanks to its many functions. For a fast integration of the board in special test devices, the board is supplied with drivers and samples.

• 8 analog input channels through SMB co-axial connectors
• Counter function: 4 chronometer inputs (up to 1 MHz 32-bit depth) allow applications in which precise coordinates must be determined.
• Current supply of the ICP™ sensors
• Synchronous mode (cascading) of several APCI-3600 through Master/Trigger
• Digital I/O
• SDRAM memory module allows transfer rates up to 24 MByte/s.