nano-R Recording System

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The innovative nano-R ISE is the modular solution in the nano-R family. It consists of three parts: nano-R Intelligent Storage Elements (ISEs), which are rugged, removable modules that take the place of traditional removable memory bricks; the nano-R Deck, into which ISEs are inserted; and the nano-R Controller, a detachable touchscreen handset.

The nano-R ISEs are the core of the system and are what makes the nano-R concept revolutionary. They are inserted into the nano-R Deck and work in conjunction with other ISEs in the Deck, with each ISE providing standalone or collaborative capabilities. Each ISE can include storage, a processor, and a video encoder, or other specialty devices. Each ISE has intelligence to encode, format, store, stream, and share up to two channels of HD video while acting as a file server. Additional channels can be easily supported by adding extra ISE modules to the nano-R Deck, with the overall system being able to manage the storage elements as separate data stores, redundant copies, or a span providing more space or specialized capabilities like machine learning for onboard data analytics or onboard cyber security. Inherently, the nano-R ISE is easier to protect in terms of cyber security and information assurance because all the system’s intelligence is embedded in the removable ISE modules.


  • Revolutionary New System Design
  • Modular, Extensible Architecture
  • “All-in-One” Processor & Storage Module
  • Up to 2 Video Channels per Module
  • USB “Type C” Connectivity
  • Integrated 5 Inch Smart Display Available
  • “Best-in-Class” Video Encoding
  • Integrated Information Assurance