Multi-Stream BitSynchronizer to 16 independent streams

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The Model 2950P Multi-Channel Bit Synchronizer consists of up to sixteen 40 MHz PCM Bit Synchronizers in a single PCI based chassis. The compact 4 u (7″ tall) chassis features an 8” LCD touch-screen control panel, with independent low-latency LED Bit Sync status displays identical to those found previously only high performance single and dual channel units. Touch screen display and keyboard allows fast and easy viewing of all setup parameters and status, while the LED status indicators support confident operator decision making in the most demanding and complex operational environments. The system includes dual hot-swappable redundant power supplies to minimize the loss of mission critical data, removable system hard drive, and an amazing 88 bulkhead rear panel BNC connections which are configurable to match the most complex signal I/O demands.

• Accepts all codes at rates up to 40 Mbps
• Up to 16 independent synchronizers per chassis
• Tunable data rates of 8 Hz to 40 MHz for all codes
• User selectable inputs and outputs
• Processes all IRIG standard and randomized codes
• Programmable loop bandwidth control
• Bit error performance below 1dB of theoretical – typically 0.25 to 0.50 db
• Independent PCM encoders
• Automatic sensing of all bit syncs in chassis
• Configured via GUI, Network, RS232
• Dual Hot-swappable Redundant Power Supplies