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The GDP model 4405 Multi-Channel Satellite Modem system is a digital signal / data processor. This highly flexible system provides comprehensive multi-link telemetry support for satellite ground stations in a single fully integrated package.

• Software defined radio technology
• Multi-mode Modulator / Demodulator waveforms: FM/PM / BPSK / QPSK / SQPSK/OQPSK/ DPSK and CPFSK AM /FSK -AM/FSKPM and others
• Data rates to 40 Mbps
• IF Frequencies: 70 MHz, tunable +/- 10 MHz
• Tone and PRN Ranging
• PCM codes: NRZ-LMS / Bi-Phase-LMS / RNRZ-15
• PCM Code Conversion Capability
• CCSDS SLE compatibility
• Reed Solomon and Turbo encoders and decoders
• Data & Network based simulators
• Stream Data Recording & Playback with 1TB Capacity
• FEC/ Convolutional Encoding & Decoding
• Data Interleave and De-interleave
• Test Loop Support
• Built in Self Test
• Integrated PRN BERT
• GPS Time and Frequency Reference
• Flexible design utilizing the latest in FPGA technology
• Advanced Digital waveform generation and processing
• Scalable solution allowing support of multiple communications links
• Field upgradeable features and performance
• Supports XML based command and control protocols over TCP/IP Ethernet Communications
• Flexible interface options
• Redundant power for reliable operation