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The Model 1626P is a single card “quick-look” PCM Processing card (PCI Multi-Channel Frame Synchronizer) which can be ordered with from one to four PCM Frame Sync / Decommutators, each of which are optimized for PCM stream quality validation and quick-look data processing. The 1626P includes an onboard Time Code Translator, programmable PCM Simulator, and accommodates Acroamatics optional “plug-on” Model 474DM tunable 40 MHz Advanced Digital Bit Synchronizer mezzanine module. The model 1626P also offers a low-latency onboard CVSD voice processor option, with scalable D/A output, as an option.

• PCM bit rates to 64MHz
• One to four independent Frame Syncs
• Onboard IRIG Time Code Reader
• Onboard 0 – 64 Mbps PCM Simulator
• Accepts Model 474DM Bit Sync “daughter” mezzanine card
• NEW IRIG Chapter 5 CVSD option
• Optimized for data recording and post-processing applications
• Individually programmable word properties
• Minor frame lengths up to 64k words
• Variable frame lengths
• Programmable serializer extracts embedded data
• Auto-double-buffering memory with 512kbyte per stream
• 2 DMA channels
• Direct PCI-bus data access