Multi-Channel (8CH/16CH) Bit Synchronizer with Digital I/0

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The GDP Model 270 Multi-Channel (8 or 16 Channels) Bit Synchronizer unit with Digital I/O is a compact state-of-the art high-performance device that is designed to extract usable digital data and provide an output clock from serial digital input stream. The optimized digital design of this unit affords the highest performance characteristics currently available. Eight additional channels can be added (16 channels total) to the box as an option.

The Model 270 includes eight or sixteen independent channels that each have both TTL and RS-422 inputs and outputs. The unit includes programmable loop bandwidths from 0.05% to 1.6%. When searching for the signal, acquisition is attainable in as little as 40 bits. At the widest LBW the unit will track the signal to 15% of the input rate. Synchronization is maintained in the absence of transitions for a period of at least 128 bits.

• 8 Independent Channels -8 Additional Channels and 26 Total (Optional)
• Bit Rates-5 bps to 20 Mbps (Std) and 5 bps to 32 Mbps (Option)
• Auto Bit-Rate Scan (Option)
• Tracking Range up to 15%
• Accepts NRZ-L/M/S, RNRZ-(F/R), BiØ-L/M/S, DM-M/S codes
• 2 Input Sources per Channel- One TTL & One RS-422
• 2 Outputs per Channel- One TTL & One RS-422
• Selectable Data/Clock Test Point on Front Panel (BNCs)
• Status Indicators for Sync
• IRIG-106 Derandomizer
• Frame Pattern Detector with Programmable Sync Strategy and APC (Optional)
• Remote Control via- RS-232 (std), RS-485 (Option) and Ethernet (Option)
• 3.5 -inch (2U) High Chassis