Motion Control For Stepper Or Servo Motors

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The board APCI-8008 for the PCI bus is used for the control of up to 8 servo or stepper motor axes through a PC. With this intelligent and flexible board, many control tasks from simple to complicated can be realized.

The board has three stepping/direction output channels (D/A channels, 16-bit). They are optically isolated from the digital current supply and are used for the control of commercially available power amplifiers connected as speed controlling devices or current regulators. Incremental encoders, SSI encoders and EnDat encoders as well as end and reference switches can be connected to each axis channel.

Digital PID filters with forward compensation and optional Notch filters are also involved in the axis control. The “open” controlling concept of the APCI-8008 is intended in the first place for manufacturers of special-purpose machines and users who need a flexible integration as well as a CNC solution.

• For 3 servo or stepper motors
• Onboard 64-bit RISC processor
• Ethernet/EtherCAT interfaces
• Incremental encoder, SSI or EnDat 2.2
• 16-bit analog output channels
• Can be extended to a total of 8 axes