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The RDM207 (PCI) Single Channel Digital RF/IF Receiver is an integrated solution consisting of an RF Signal Processor, 2 Demodulators, 2 Bit Synchronizers and 2 Frame Synchronizers (Pattern Detectors) contained on a single slot PCI card. This state-of-the art module provides a compact, cost competitive, flexible solution to a wide variety of communications link scenarios.

The Model 4426 processes 3 RF Bands: S Band, 2185 MHz to 2485 MHz; Upper L Band, 1700 MHz to 1850 MHz; Lower L Band 1427 MHz to 1545 MHz. Additional RF bands are available (i.e. IF 1KHz to 180MHz, P-Band 100 MHz to 1100 MHz, C-Band …). Multi-Band options are also available.

The demodulation process, as well as the base band bit synchronization process, is totally performed in the digital domain. Signal acquisition is performed by scanning the IF within the programmed acquisition band centered about the selected Carrier frequency. PM / PSK waveforms are additionally scanned for acquisition at the subcarrier frequencies. Once signal acquisition is complete, synchronized signal tracking is performed whereby continuous validation of the lock state is maintained.


  • Offering the same unparalleled performance as our Model 4426 range-quality Digital RF Receiver product line, the RDM207 includes optional RF link and noise mitigation improvements such as:
    • Viterbi Decoders/Bit Syncs
    • Adaptive Equalization (AEQ) to mitigate multipath distortion
    • Low Density Parity Check (LDPC) coding to improve link margin while using less bandwidth
  • Operates up to 40 Mbps and is capable of supporting aircraft flight-testing
  • Recent updates allow for acquiring and processing the IRIG106 Chapter 7 data streams that output the resulting data packets to Ethernet for downstream processing