QUAD Stream PCM Format Simulator – (Model 2628AP)

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Acroamatics’ 2628AP Real-time Quad Stream PCM Format Simulator Series includes fourth generation low-latency multi-stream telemetry data simulation, advanced TMoIP format data ingest and clock/data output, and optional PCM format validation, record, and test functions. The units are offered as 1U rackmount style chassis and are light enough to support portable operations with ease, yet rugged enough to withstand rigorous shipboard and field mobile applications.


  • Up To 4 PCM Stream Simulation in a small, rackmount
  • Purpose designed chassis with front panel LED status & rear panel BNCs
  • 0-50 Mbps Operator Program Selectable Data Rates
  • Compact 1U Rackmount Chassis
  • Real-time, OS Independent Format Generation and Output
  • Three Operating Modes:
    • Card level Stored Program Mode
    • ‘UDF’ (User Data FIFO) Dynamic User Data Insertion
    • Disk driven via user defined (API) or included Sim-Encoded Data app
  • NEW Networked IRIG 218-10/20 TMoIP PCM Clock/Data Regeneration
  • OPTIONAL PCM Format Validation Function
  • OPTIONAL PCM Decom, Display, and Record Options
  • NEW Powerful ADAT User Customizable Operations Interface
  • Acroamatics’ TDP Product Compatible