Krypto500 HF Multichannel COMINT – SIGINT Software Suite

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Krypto500 is for Narrowband (NB) signals up to 48 kHz in bandwidth principally found in HF. It enables even inexperienced signals analysts to quickly and accurately interpret information about a signal of interest. No other software on the market offers as comprehensive a selection of demodulation, decoding, parsing tools and receiver control for several hundred signals and integrates those seamlessly with so many wideband, narrowband and other collection systems. Its companion suite, Krypto1000 is for wideband signals 48 kHz and wider, principally found in VHF-UHF.


  • Superb demodulation, decoding and parsing in HF modes
  • No proprietary hardware needed
  • Automatic precision classification of 4000+ target modems
  • Unmatched decoding performance in weak/poor conditions
  • Wideband/narrowband collection systems interfaces
  • Run unlimited parsers concurrently
  • Decode hundreds of channels simultaneously
  • Flexible variety of outputs to support cryptanalysis
  • High-speed spectrum, waterfall and constellation
  • Control more than 400 different receivers, SDRs and other hardware