Krypto1000 Wideband Signals Analysis and Decoding Suite

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The perfect complement to Krypto500, Krypto1000 targets wider signals, whereas Krypto500 handles NB signals from ELFSHF. Krypto1000 is a current and unique collection of demodulators and decoders for wideband signals (greater than 48 kHz wide) typically found from VHF-SHF. It enables even inexperienced signals analysts to quickly and accurately interpret information about a signal of interest. No other software on the market offers as comprehensive a selection of demodulation, decoding, parsing tools and receiver control and integrates those seamlessly with so many wideband, narrowband and other collection systems.


  • Supports multiple tuners for satellite collection and has multiple FFT modes that scale from the resolution needed for detailed lab and analysis work to views needed in tactical situation by tactical operators.
  • Superb demodulation, decoding and parsing of VHF-SHF wideband modes – terrestrial or satellite.
  • No proprietary hardware needed.
  • Unmatched decoder performance in weak/poor conditions.
  • The most comprehensive collection of current, on-air modes.
  • Wideband/narrowband collection, receiver and DF systems interface.
  • Numerous parsers always available – run multiple per decoder.
  • Offline or online analysis – use standard measurement tools, markers, etc.
  • Run multiple decoders simultaneously.
  • Flexible variety of outputs to support cryptanalysis.
  • High-speed, high-resolution constellation and spectrum displays.