IRIG PCM Encoded CVSD Audio Processor

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Combining proven hardware and software from Acroamatics industry leading line of high performance telemetry data processing (TDP) systems, the Model 2625P CVSD Telemetry Data Processor fills an important gap in range ground station mission operations support.

The 2625P ease of use, simplicity of design, and performance make it an obvious choice for processing and delivery of CVSD encoded audio data. It provides a straight-forward, CVSD specific solution geared specifically to range telemetry ground station and test operations centers users.

Windows OS (7 or XP,) is used to administer unit overhead functions only. Signal processing and output of processed analog audio data are performed in purpose designed, low latency card level processors. Integrated PCM simulation, optional data storage and tunable 8 Hz to 40 MHz range quality Bit Syncs allow the user to scale their 2625P solution to precisely fit their needs.

• Low Latency, deterministic solution
• Embedded, card level processor
• No Windows OS based processing or signal path involvement
• Network enabled
• Direct audio output and onboard speaker
• Optional 8Hz to 40 MHz Bit Sync
• Single and dual stream configurations
• Small footprint
• Modest price point