IRIG-B Analyzer, Intuitive Portable Analyzer and Decoder of IRIG-B Signals

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Whether for the test range or substation, the IRIG-B Analyzer is a versatile IRIG-B decoding device used to quickly decode a wide range of IRIG-B signals. This includes modulation types, extensions, and voltage levels. This device is perfect for when an unknown IRIG-B signal needs to be verified without having to manually interpret IRIG-B timecodes on an oscilloscope or strip chart device.

• Decode over 24 IRIG-B timecodes with extensions
• IRIG-B DCLS, AM and Modified Manchester decoding
• Electrical and optical signals decoded
• IRIG time, type and signal levels provided
• Ruggedized, handheld device
• Intuitive user interface
• Battery powered
• Field upgradable firmware
• 2.5” backlit display
• Adjustable Brightness
• Carry case