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Air, land, sea and space platforms generate an ever increasing volume of data, which, is outpacing the ability to effectively review and analyze the information. AMPEX has developed BLUE IQ to mediate this problem by providing cognitive data analytics using deep learning at the airborne, space borne or ground sensor.

BLUE IQ is a high speed, high capacity, rugged compute device, which uses Machine Learning Content Analytics to perform complex analysis and decisions based on the content of the data being acquired, in real-time, on the platform.

BLUE IQ moves analytics functionality to the point of data acquisition; offering data, image and video identification, tagging and annotation. Thus, reducing the workload for human operators/analysts.


  • Provides data and video identification and understanding at the sensor
  • Provides KLV annotation metadata within the FMV downlink
  • Provides cueing for the operator/analyst in the real-time feeds
  • Provides quick search recording index of objects of interest
  • Provides analysis and understanding of telemetry and EW data