H.264/MPEG-2 Video/Audio Encoder, Half-Rack Mount

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Delta’s Model 6021H is an encoder that compresses video and audio signals, multiplexing them with meta-data and other system information for transmission to a remote decoder unit. The 6021H uses the H.264 (MPEG-4 Part 10) or MPEG-2 (MP@ML)video compression algorithms to provide high-quality video for any remote monitoring application. The H.264 standard is the latest compression algorithm and is designed to facilitate the transmission of full resolution, full frame rate, motion imagery in less bandwidth than its predecessors (Wavelet/MJPEG/MPEG-2). MPEG-2 is a proven algorithm used in many digital video transmission systems.

The 6021H is easily integrated into most remote moni-toring systems. The standards-compliant transport stream is output on a synchronous serial interface (RS-422) or ethernet port (10/100 Base-T) for direct connec-tion to the data link or recorder. The transport stream can be applied to one of Delta’s companion decoders or played through a compliant software decoder.

• Real-time transmission of high quality digital video
• H.264 and MPEG-2
• Video, audio, and data multiplexing
• Data rates from 64k to 10Mbps
• Low latency modes
• Multiple resolutions
• Stereo audio
• Synchronized Metadata MISB/STANAG
• 1 RU, Half-rack mount chassis
• Metadata Support in compliance (optional KLV Encoding)