Fiberoptic Distribution Amplifier

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The TSC 4340A takes all timing signals—RF signals, serial time codes and pulsed outputs—received on a single fiber by as many as four Time Code Translators (TCTs) at remote locations and adds the ability to expand system outputs as needed. Customers starting out with a minimal configuration system can readily add functionality—in the form of additional Time Code Translators with accompanying output modules—as organizational needs and budgets increase. Up to eight fiber transceivers can be installed in each fiber optic distribution amplifier.

•Cost-Effective Upgrade Path
•Ability to Expand System Outputs as Needed (Add Outputs One at a Time)
•Capacity at the High End is Extensive
•Dual Redundant Power Supplies Can Be Hot-Swapped to Maintain Continuous Operation
• 1U Rack Mount Chassis
•SFP Transceiver Sockets Enable Easy Reconfiguration