Expert Logger 100 Data Acquisition System

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The Expert Logger 100 is among Delphin‘s new generation of data loggers. It combines the latest communication technology with advanced measurement technology and is based on FPGA technology to make it especially powerful. It can process up to 16 analog input channels at both low and high rates of sampling. Measurement data can be accurately acquired, independently stored and transmitted to the internet or a PC for evaluation via USB, LAN, WLAN or LTE.


  • 16 Universal analog inputs (mV mA, TC, RTD)
  • Sampling rate 1000 m/sec
  • 4 Digital Inputs
  • 1 SDI-12 Sensor
  • 4 Digital Outputs
  • 4 Digital Inputs/Outputs
  • 2 Gb Internal Storage
  • Software required and sold separately