Enhanced Micro Data Link System (EMDLS)

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The Enhanced Micro Data Link System (EMDLS) is an advanced single unit digital data link system specifically designed for micro and small size platforms which are sensitive to Size, Weight and Power (SWaP). As effective solution for most requirements known today, this advanced system uses open architecture and enables full duplex wideband, digital link, error correction techniques and high-rate communication in the Uplink (UPL) and Downlink (DNL) channels. The M2DLS can downlink real-time video images, LAN, serial data and information from most available sensors. It combines proven technologies and standards with advanced algorithms, to provide reliability and high performance, for the harshest conditions. This makes it ideal for applications such as usage in drones and loitering munitions.


• Light weight
• Point to multi-point application
• Micro size single unit solution
• Low power consumption
• Variable data rates
• Beyond line of sight capabilities
• Embedded encryption