Electric Rotary Joints with Through Hole SVTS C Series

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The Hollow Shaft SRH Slip Ring Series provides an economical readily available solution when a compact through-bore configuration is required to be easily mounted on the customers’ mechanics. Available in a wide range of sizes and models starting from 3 mm up to over 100 mm through-bore diameter.

The use of fibre brush technology and the ability to use gold-gold technology for signal circuits ensure long life and low electrical noise allowing high data rate field bus transmission. The extreme flexibility of SRH series rotary joints also makes it possible to customize configurations, such as for the use of special cables or connectors, at the customer’s request.


  • Through hole: from 3 to over 100 mm diameter
  • Current: up to 20 A (50 A as an option)
  • Voltage: 600 VAC/DC
  • Protection: IP65