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The GDP Model 2267B Diversity Combiner Best Source Selector houses up to sixteen high-performance synchronizer modules. Each channel can be used as a normal Bit Synchronizer and/or selected as a source for Diversity Combining (Best Source Selection). The optimized digital design of this unit affords the highest performance characteristics currently available. The unit operates to 40Mbps (20Mbps Standard, 40Mbps optional).

The standard IRIG randomizer/derandomizer for both forward and reverse sequences is provided. This unit is capable of accepting the Encapsulated data stream produced by GDP Encapsulating Bit Synchronizers such as the Model 2265EC.

Best Source Selection of Non-Encrypted and Encrypted Data is based on Signal Quality.

Up to 16 channels per chassis
Bit Rates – 5 bps to 20 Mbps (40Mbps Opt)
Accepts NRZ-L/M/S, Bi-L/M/S, DM-M/S; MDM-M/S
Frame Pattern Detector
Input stream correlated in time
Seamless stream switching on bit boundaries (down steam frame synchronizers maintain lock).
Multiple Selection Criteria – Measured Long-Term Signal Quality, Measured Short-Term Signal Quality, Sync Pattern Detection and Bit Sync Lock and Signal Present
Bit-by-bit Majority Vote Weighted by Signal Quality – Short Term Bit-by-bit Quality, Error Correction and Significant Link Performance Improvement
Encapsulated Data Input – Supports Encapsulated Data and Quality from upstream unit (MD2265EC)
Remote Control via – RS-232 (Std) and Ethernet, IEEE-488 (Optional)
5.25-inch High Chassis