1U Digital RF Receiver Single/Dual Channel – Model 4426

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The state-of-the-art Model 4426 Digital RF Receiver offers a compact, cost-effective, and flexible solution to a wide range of communication link scenarios. It comes in a 2U rack mountable chassis, and is available in single, dual, or quad-channel configurations with and without diversity combiners.  Each channel is independent, and can acquire signals on three (3) RF Bands: S Band; Upper L Band, Lower L Band, or optional C Band or P (CIF) Band. Other Multi-Band options are also available. The demodulation process and baseband bit synchronization process are performed entirely in the digital domain. Signal acquisition is done by scanning the IF within the programmed acquisition band, centered on the chosen Carrier frequency. The Input Waveform is also scanned for acquisition at the subcarrier frequencies. After signal acquisition, synchronized signal tracking is performed to ensure continuous validation of the lock state.


  • NEW! 70MHz Test Modulator Output function
  • Form Factor – 2U or 3U Rack Mount Chassis Channel
  • Single, dual, quad channel configurations
  • Multi-Waveform Demodulation: PCM/FM (ARTM Tier 0), SOQPSK (ARTM Tier 1), BPSK/QPSK/OQPSK*, UQPSK* , AQPSK*
  • Dynamic range > 90 dB
  • Ethernet output & decoding & control
  • FEC DECODERS: Viterbi, Reed-Solomon*, LDPC*
  • Supports IRIG 218-10, IRIG 218-20 and IRIG 106 Chapter 7, Ch 10/11
  • Adaptive Equalization (AEQ) to present a higher fidelity output