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The RDM023 (VME) / RDM203 (PCI) Digital IF Receiver is an integrated solution consisting of an IF Signal Processor, 3 Demodulators, 2 Bit Synchronizers and 2 Frame Synchronizers contained on a single slot 6U VME/PCI card. Available in both VME and PCI form factors, this state-of-the art module provides a compact, cost competitive, flexible solution to a wide variety of communications link scenarios.

• Form Factor of 6U VME Single Slot or PCI Single Slot
• 2 Input Ports
• Tunable Center Frequency Bands
• Wide Dynamic Range of > 90 dB
• 4 Selectable Input Bandwidths
• Programmable Acquisition and Tracking Range
• Multi-Waveform
• 3 Demodulators
• 2 Bit Synchronizers
• 2 Frame Syncs
• Byte Aligned Ethernet Data Output
• Control of VME/PCI Bus, RS232 or RS485 and Ethernet