Deployable 2x2x46″ Video Wall Solution

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The MILCOTS 2x2x46 deployable LCD video wall is a COTS fi eld-proven system ideal for the military and first responders. Mobile and transportable, it can be reliably deployed anywhere to rapidly provide a command and control or situation awareness in a tactical environment. Widely used by Army forces in the field, it is also the solution of choice for managing any critical situations. It can be set in minutes in a building, under an inflatable tent or in a mobile shelter.


• 92″ screen of 8 mega pixels
• 20-minute fast, easy and secure assembling
• Ready to use in 30 minutes
• Transportable in weatherproof rugged transit cases
• Can be installed on uneven ground up to 5% incline
• Ideal for temporary indoor, command post & field installations
• Lock out patented system
• Emission security TEMPEST standards: NATO SDIP-27 Level A & USA NSTISSAM Level 1
• Multiple video sources, scalable per application
• User friendly and self explanatory plug and play software