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The GDP Model 650 Data Transmission Test Set fills the need for high performance data-link verification and qualification at an affordable price. The user is provided with totally independent transmit and receive functions to allow rapid fault isolation and data link characterization. Simulated signal perturbations are created in the test lab by adding noise, baseline offset and varying signal levels. Features such as an internal 6-digit frequency synthesizer and IRIG Code generator and converter make the Model 650 especially suited to the test and evaluation of PCM Telemetry data link systems and components.

The Model 650 provides measurement capability for: Accumulated Bit Errors, Measured Bit Error Rate, Elapsed Test Time, Accumulated Errored Seconds, Errors per Second, Measured Error Symmetry, Accumulated Bit Count Integrity Loss (Bit Slips), Measured Transmit and Receive Clock Rate.

• 1 bps to 36 Mbps Operation (Standard)- 1 bps to 50 Mbps Operation (Optional)
• Independent Transmitter and Receiver
• Measures: Bits, Seconds, Bits in Error, Seconds in Error, Bit Error Rate (instantaneous and average)
• Data Symmetry & Bit Slip Tests
• TX & RX Frequency Measurement
• 16 PRN Sequence Codes Forward & Reverse 2ᴺ-1, n= 5, 7, 9, 11, 15, 20, 23, 31 (Forward or Reverse) and User Defined Taps on 31-bit Register.
• Fixed Programmable Data Patterns 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256-bit or Dotting
• Internal DDS Frequency Synthesizer
• IRIG Code Generation and Conversion
• Randomzer / Derandomizer IRIG, V.35, V.36
• Convolution Encode / Decode (Optional)
• TTL, Biplar, RS-422 Signal Interfaces
• Remote Control / Monitor: RS232 (Standard) – EtherNet, IEEE-488 (Optional)
• Internal Noise Source (Optional)- Programmable Eb/No and Signal Level
• Analog Signal Output Interface (Optional)
• Acquisition Time Test (Optional)
• Jitter Test (Optional)
• 3½” Rack Mount Chassis