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The DAC Multiplexer chassis enables up to six Telemetry Data Processors to send serial DAC and Discrete data messages to up to eight 8-channel chart recorders (a total of 64 channels). With an optional expansion card, you can interconnect up to 32 DAC Multiplexer chassis in serial configuration (1 station) and 4 stations in parallel, thus enabling up to 12 TDPs to share up to 256 8-channel recorders. This allows the strip chart channels to be shared by up to 12 telemetry front end processors, with each one having access to any or all channels, thus enabling the strip charts to be easily re-allocated to if a strip chart fails.

• Connects up to eight 8-channel chart recorders.
• Optional expansion card, allows interconnecting up to 32 units serially and/or 4 units in parallel.
• Serial copper and Fiber-optic links.