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BLUE Lightning is a high speed, high capacity, rugged compute device that can discover, define, analyze and mitigate cyber threats and vulnerabilities. It offers cyber defense for rugged platforms and critical infrastructure. BLUE Lightning monitors, detects and if necessary, defends air, land, sea, and space platforms and critical infrastructures, in real-time. These proactive capabilities enable the platform to more readily disrupt and neutralize cyber attacks as they happen.

BLUE Lightning utilizes endpoint protection technology to provide data security for platforms in the Air, Space, Land, Sea realms. BLUE Lightning is a complete control system network security solution that offers a unique method of anomaly detection and prevention. BLUE Lightning has been specifically designed and developed for real-time monitoring and detection of anomalous network activity. Additionally, the BLUE Lightning device has the ability to detect, identify and make defensive decisions via machine-to-machine engagements.


• Real-time monitoring of OT
• Defends your network behind the perimeter or air gap
• Protection down to ‘Level 0′(older serial-connected systems)
• Focused on detecting anomalous network behavior and intrusion
• Not malware signature-based
• Detects the efforts of zero-day threats
• Provides secondary validation of data to prevent spoofing attacks
• Detects network anomalies that are leading indicators of maintenance issues, saving repair costs
• Can scale to any size network
• SIEM agnostic