CaptureXG™ 1000 Quad 10 Gigabit Ethernet Capture PCI Express Card

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The escalating cost of monitoring the performance of IT infrastructure is a significant concern for IT managers, who must balance performance, reliability, budget, and deployment agility. Increasing network speeds are making software monitoring tools ineffective as they are unable to process traffic in real time. Traditional capture cards lack a balance between features, price, and performance making it difficult to justify the cost of deployment and operation. New Wave Design and Verification delivers the highest port density, lowest cost-per-port capture cards on the market without sacrificing performance or features.

The CaptureXG 1000 card comes standard with essential features, such as accurate time synchronization and stamping (IRIG-A, B and G), programmable 5-tuple filters, PCAP Next Generation file format, and a highly efficient PCI Express Gen 3 host interface. Because the CaptureXG 1000 card is fully integrated with the popular Wireshark network protocol analyzer, it provides a powerful tool for IT managers to easily leverage their teams’ existing expertise, increasing efficiency in diagnosing network issues.

The CaptureXG 1000 card is available with a high-level application API and drivers for Linux. This allows application software to take advantage of the card’s capabilities through a C++ library and allows applications to modify card settings easily.

The CaptureXG 1000 supports SPAN and TAP topologies, enabling IT managers to choose the best topology for the application. The card is compatible with servers from leading OEMs. This single slot solution allows customers to maximize the number of cards per server, resulting in a smaller server footprint. New Wave DV ensures extreme reliability that gives customers confidence to deploy their products in critical applications.


  • Quad 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ optical ports
  • IRIG-A, B and G time synchronization
  • PCAP Next Generation file format
  • Programmable 5-tuple filters
  • Low latency, multi-threaded DMA host interface
  • 8-lane PCI Express Gen 3