Brushless Micromotors SVTN A Series

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The benefits of this new technology are torque and high-speed when compared to the same sizing. The lack of cogging, a reduced ripple torque, a linear correlation between speed and torque, low inertia bring performance to a greater level in terms of power, dynamics by means of reduced weights and reduced dimensions. Servotecnica’s brushless motors apply hall sensors as a standard option, in addition to having the magnetic encoder option. Thanks to the sensors it is possible to control rotation speed, and, thanks to the lack of cogging, provide high performance and accuracy.


  • Diameters: from 12 to 40 mm
  • Power: up to 400 Watt
  • Light and compact
  • High-efficiency 
  • Long lifetime
  • Combinable with encoder and high-precision gearboxes
  • Integrated electronics available
  • No cogging
  • Low noise
  • Low inertia
  • Cost-effective