Antenna Distribution System (WA-0831)


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The WiNRADiO WA-0831 Antenna Distribution System is an antenna switching and distribution device. While it particularly excels in combination with the WiNRADiO MS-8118/G3 Multichannel Surveillance and Monitoring System, this device can be also used with third-party receiver systems. It can be operated stand-alone via front panel controls, or remotely via USB or LAN interface.

• Wide frequency range from 0.4 MHz to 1.8 GHz
• 4 antenna inputs, 8 receiver outputs
• Custom configurations available
• Manual or remote control
• High IP3 matrix switches and amplifiers
• High isolation
• Ruggedized enclosure for mobile operations

The WA-0831 system features 4 separate inputs for the HF/VHF/UHF ranges (a suitable mix of HF, VHF and UHF inputs is factory-customizable at the time of order) and 8 receiver outputs. Internally, the system consists of antenna matrix switches and high dynamic range preamplifiers.

The WA-0831 system is eminently suitable for government, defense, law enforcement and other demanding high-end applications.

The antenna inputs can be customized and configured according to the user request by using HF, VHF and UHF modules for frequency ranges shown in the adjacent table.

The unit also contains convenient power supplies for external antenna preamplifiers (12 V current-limited DC voltage source is internally applied to the antenna inputs).