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Model 482M is a mezzanine card for the PCI-bus Model 1605P. Two configurations of Model 482M are available. Model 482M-8 provides a total of 8 channels of 12-bit D-to-A output. Model 482M-32 provides a total of 32 channels of 12-bit D to A output plus 16 channels of 12-bit A-to-D input with a 400 KHz sample rate. A Model 1605P card when equipped with a Model 482M-8 mezzanine requires only one standard PCI bus slot and chassis I/O opening; when equipped with a Model 482M-32 mezzanine an additional two chassis I/O openings (three total) are required for connectors. All Acroamatics documentation is supplied on CD-ROM.

Two models allow selection of only as much capability as required for your application

Model 482M-8 provides:
• 8 discrete outputs
• 8 12-bit D-to-A outputs

Model 482M-32 provides:
• 32 discrete outputs
• 32 12-bit D-to-A outputs
• 16 12-bit A-to-D inputs
• fiber-optic high-speed serial bus to
• external D-to-A devices